About Us

Essential Living was founded in 1991 based on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs with a focus on natural wellness and nutrition. We are committed to providing natural lifestyle products that improve one's general wellbeing and quality of life. We take pride in the extensive range of reputable international brands under our care. At present, we supply to over 250 stores in Singapore and export to surrounding countries. Our customers may also order direct off our online store on our website.

We prefer products that are natural and organic without unnecessary allergens, unwanted chemicals and genetically modified organisms. We always look for a quality that is an improvement upon what is generally commercially available. For instance we do not believe milk is generally a beneficial product for people to consume, unless you are a baby and are being breast fed. So we distribute good quality soy and rice milk instead.

Similarly people generally consume far too much sugar. So if you need a good sweetener, we have a natural product called Xylosweet. We also generally do not get sufficient nutrition from our diet for the environments we live in, so we have selected high quality nutritional supplements and work with advisors such as Patrick Holford from the Institute for Optimum Nutrition and distribute his products and books.

We look for products that are good value for money. For instance the nutritional products we distribute are generally considered to be of premium value. However if you compare the ingredients in our product with a cheaper product, you may find that our product should be priced five times higher than the cheaper product, and yet perhaps it is only 20% more, so by buying our product you are getting far better value for your money.

The same value appears when purchasing food, though often the reward may take much longer to appear. We believe that by buying better quality food now, you will feel much better now and save yourself considerable medical expenses later in life. If you take care of yourself and follow optimum nutrition, then your body should be strong enough to fight off any disease. The world's medical statistics are currently appalling and we believe serious action needs to be taken now to improve upon this situation.

We also do not promote any products that we would not use ourselves or would not use with our families use. We also do our best to ensure that the people behind the company who are our suppliers have integrity and reliability. We spend a lot of time researching new products, always test them on ourselves, before allowing them to become a part of our portfolio of products. We are also increasingly looking to create our own brands so as to be in a position to offer our customers even better value for money.

We trust our products and services will improve your life and wellbeing and the lives and wellbeing of all around you.


Wishing you much health and happiness,